About Raymond

Welcome to this hands-on, informative woodworking Blog from artisan wood worker, Raymond Tisone! Please CONTACT Raymond today for a custom project quote

Raymond Tisone Studio Portrait - Fine Artisan Wooden Gifts & Furniture

Raymond Tisone has a passion for wood. A master in technique and design, Raymond allows the natural beauty of the wood shine in his one-of-a-kind creations. Whether his custom furniture, or his signature candlesticks, the wood commands the design.

A retired attorney, Raymond’s passion started at his father’s side, watching and learning as his father, a woodworker himself, fashioned lumber into cabinets and furniture.

As a means of getting away from the stresses of business, Raymond immersed himself more and more into designing and building furniture and gifts for family and friends, using many of the same techniques and the same hand tools his father used so many years ago.

Now, he offers his passion to a wider audience. He hopes you enjoy his designs as much as he enjoys creating them.

Raymond’s Approach to Woodworking:

So why and how do I approach my woodworking?

Basically, I divide it into two categories – the enjoyment I get out of the artisanal approach to sculpting from a piece of natural wood, and the enjoyment I get out of creating something unique for a client.

I think we are all unique. And part of that uniqueness are the flaws that we all carry, sometimes hidden deep inside ourselves. It’s those flaws that makes us who we are, but they also make us uniquely beautiful.

The same is true about a piece of wood; a once living and flawed organism. When I approach a piece of wood, I look for its flaws and ponder where the beauty lies. So knots, voids, and the like provide me with the opportunity to not only experience its uniqueness, but display the inner beauty of what was once a majestic tree. The process creates sometimes amazing and unexpected results. So what were going to become functional platters, instead became works of art.

Client-Focused Design Process

When I am commissioned to create something unique for a client, my approach is entirely different. Variety is, after all, the spice of life. Of course, I like to get a sense of what you, the client desires and needs. But I also want to get a sense of where the piece is going to fit into its new home. What are its surroundings? Are they warm, stark, contemporary, traditional, clean, or cluttered? I want the piece to feel at home as soon as it arrives.

My design process involves a back and forth with you until you are confident in the final design you are purchasing and I am confident with my ability to produce a desirable result. It may sound strange, but everything I build has a piece of me in it. I’m passionate about wood art and each piece I create becomes a part of me. I’m drawn to the natural beauty of the wood. In the final stages, I allow the piece to speak to me to tell me when it’s complete.

The steps to a custom-designed wood piece include: deciding on the design, the dimensions, the wood species, and negotiating price. Thereafter, I like to take periodic photographs of the work in process, from an initial introduction to materials, through the stages of construction, to the final piece prior to delivery to keep you informed on the life cycle of my work.